How To Add A Trigger To Your Automation Flow

Digably • Jul 22, 2023 10 steps • 2 minutes read

This guide will show you how to add a trigger to your automation flow using Digably. Let's get started.

1. Click "Automations"

In your Digably dashboard, navigate to the Automations section by clicking "Automations" in the left side menu.

2. Click "Create Flow"

Create a new automation flow by clicking on the "Create Flow" button in the top right of your screen. This will open the visual automation builder. Alternatively, if you already have a flow, you may select it from the list on the page.

3. Click "Add new workflow trigger"

Click the "Add new workflow trigger" element at the top of the builder. This will open its settings panel on the right side of your screen. This step is how you configure the particular actions (such as a form submission or product purchase) that will cause this automation flow to start.

4. Open the "Workflow Trigger Type" dropdown menu

While you may choose to, it's not necessary that you assign a name to the workflow trigger. Digably will do this automatically. However, it is important that you choose your workflow trigger type. To do this, click the dropdown arrow in the box labeled "Workflow Trigger Type".

5. Click "Form Submission"

Then, select "Form Submission". Keep in mind, that we are using "Form Submission" as the Workflow Trigger Type in this example, but you can also trigger this automation with a product purchase, or virtually any other action that takes place inside of Digably.

6. Open the "Forms" dropdown menu

Click the dropdown arrow beside the box labeled "Forms" to select the form you wish to use for your trigger.

7. Select "Membership Signup Form"

Choose a form. In this example, we'll choose "Membership Signup Form". If you choose to use a product purchase or something else as your trigger for this automation, you would need to choose the appropriate option here.

8. Click "Add Trigger"

Click the "Add Trigger" button to save your trigger settings.

This guide covered the steps to set up a trigger inside the automation flow builder. To learn more about building automations in Digably, refer to the "Automations" section in the Digably help docs.

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