How To Create A Purchase Form (Product Checkout Form)

Digably • Jul 20, 2023 13 steps • 59 seconds read

This guide will show you how to create a purchase form using Digably

1. Click "Forms"

Start by clicking "Forms" in the left side menu.

2. Click "Create Form"

Click the "Create Form" button in the upper right of your screen.

3. Click "Advanced"

Click the "Advanced" tab in the left side menu of the form builder.

4. Add the "Purchase" element to the form

Drag and Drop the "Purchase" element into the form.

5. Click the gear icon

Click on the gear icon to open up the "Purchase" element settings.

6. Click "Products"

Now, click "Products" in the right side panel.

7. Click the drop-down arrow

Click the drop-down arrow to view all of your products.

8. Select a product

Select the product or products that you would like to make available for purchase through your form.

9. Click "Config"

Next, click "config" to open up the configuration panel.

10. Configure your settings

Adjust the configuration settings based on your specific needs.

11. Click "Save"

Finally, click the "Save" button in the upper right to save your purchase form.

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