How To Connect A Custom Domain To Your Website

Digably • Jul 21, 2023 18 steps • 1 minute read

This guide will show you how to connect a custom domain to your website in Digably.

1. Click "Pages"

From your Digably dashboard, click "Pages" in the left side menu.

2. Click "Connected Domains"

Next, click "Connected Domains" in the top menu.

3. Click "Add Domain"

Click the "Add Domain" button.

4. Click "Use Your Own Custom Domain"

Select the radio button in the Custom Domain tile.

5. Enter your domain

Enter the custom domain that you wish to connect. Keep in mind, this must be a domain you already own. (Most people purchase domains from sites like GoDaddy, NameCheap, Bluehost, etc.)

6. Click "Next"

After you've entered your domain, click "Next."

7. Click "Next"

Select whether you only want website hosting or would like to connect both website hosting and email sending. Than click "Next."

8. Click "Yes, I want the fastest website"

Click "Yes, I want the fastest website"

9. Add DNS records in your domain registrar account

Copy and paste the supplied DNS records into your domain registrar account.

10. Click "Verify I have added these records correctly"

After you have added the DNS records, click "Verify I have added these records correctly."

11. Click "Finish"

Then, click "Finish."

12. Check the status of your domain

Now, keep an eye on the status of your domain connection. Once the status displays "Enabled," you are ready to connect it to your website.

13. Click "Publish" inside the page builder

To connect your custom domain to your website, open your site inside the page builder, and click "Publish" in the upper right.

14. Click "Select Your Own Domain"

Click the radio button next to "Select Your Own Domain."

15. Select your domain

Select the custom domain you recently enabled.

16. Click "Next"

Finally, click "Next" and follow any on-screen prompts.

This guide demonstrated the steps of connecting a custom domain to your website in Digably.

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