🔵How To Create A Membership Signup Page

Digably • Jul 21, 2023 29 steps • 2 minutes read

This guide will show you how to create a membership signup page using Digably. First, we'll cover how to create a membership signup form. Then, we'll cover how to add this form to the appropriate page. Let's begin.

1. Click "Forms"

From your Digably dashboard, click the "Forms" tab in the left side menu.

2. Click "Create Form"

Click the "Create Form" button.

3. Click "Common Fields"

Inside the form builder, click "Common Fields" to expand the left side menu.

4. Click "First Name"

Drag and drop the "First Name" field into the form.

5. Click "Last Name"

Add the "Last Name" field.

6. Click "Email"

Add the "Email" field. This field is important, because it's how you will communicate with members who sign up. This is also how they will log in to the membership site.

7. Click "Basic"

Next, select the "Basic" option to expand its menu.

8. Click "Password"

Add the "Password" field to your form. This field is also important, as it will be used when members log in to the site.

NOTE: This form could also be configured as a Purchase Form. This might be a better option if you are selling a course or membership. You will still need to add a password field.

9. Edit the button settings

Next, click the gear icon to open up the button settings.

10. Change the button label

Label the button as "Sign Up".

11. Click "Save"

Save the button settings.

12. Click "Settings"

Next, you need to add a redirect URL in the form settings to redirect users to the login page after they submit the signup form. To do this, click the "Settings" button in the upper left of your screen.

13. Click the dropdown arrow

Click the dropdown arrow in the field labeled, "What happens after the form is submitted."

14. Click "Redirect to another URL"

Choose "Redirect to another URL."

15. Enter the URL

Enter the URL of your membership site login page.

16. Click "Save"

Save the settings.

17. Save the form settings

Finally, save the form settings by clicking the "Save" button in the upper right of the form builder.

18. Give your form a name

Name your form. We suggest naming it something like "Membership Signup Form," so it will be easy to find in the page builder.

19. Click "Save"

Click "Save."

20. Exit the Form Builder

Now, exit the form builder. It's time to add your form to the signup page in your membership site.

21. Click "Pages"

From your Digably dashboard, click the "Pages" tab in the left side menu.

22. Select your membership site

Select the site where you want to add the Membership Signup Form.

23. Click the "Shop Pages" icon

For this example, we'll be using the index page (or home page) for the signup page. To select the page, click on the "Show Pages" icon in the upper left of the page builder.

24. Edit the page

Click the pencil icon to edit the index page.

25. Add an element to the page

Then, click the "+" icon in the upper left to open up the elements panel.

26. Drag your form onto the page

Locate the Signup Form that you created earlier, and drag it onto the page. You now have a Membership Signup Page that you can customize as you wish.

27. Click "Save Draft"

Save your work.

This guide covered the steps to create a membership signup page using Digably.

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