How To Add Your Google Calendar

This guide will show you how to add your Google Calendar to Digably.

1. Click "Calendar"

From the Digably dashboard navigate to the Calendar section by clicking "Calendar" in the left side menu.

2. Click "Add New Calendar"

Next, click on "Add New Calendar".

3. Click "Sign in with Google"

Click on the button that says, "Sign in with Google"

4. Choose the Google account you wish to connect

Click the account you wish to add.

5. Choose "Select all"

Activate the "Select all" checkbox.

6. Click "Continue"

Click the "Continue" button.

7. Your Google Calendar is now connected

Now, you can see your Digably Calendar that is synced with your Google calendar.

This guide covered the process of adding your Google Calendar to Digably. To learn more about how to use the features and functions of the calendar, refer to the "Calendar" section of the Digably help docs.

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