How To Import Contacts From A CSV File

Importing contacts from a CSV file in Digably is a straightforward process that allows you to quickly add multiple contacts to your database.

1. Click "Contacts"

To start, open the Contacts tab in the left side menu.

2. Click "Import"

Then, click the "Import" button in the upper right.

3. Click "Download Example CSV File Headers"

If you would like, you can download the example CSV file headers by clicking on the button in the upper right. You can add your data in the downloaded sheet or just use the CSV file you already have. Just make sure that your file columns have headers.

4. Ensure contact data is in the correct columns

In your CSV file, ensure that your contact data aligns with the correct column headers. For example, make sure the contacts' first names are all in the column with the first_name header. Save your file.

5. Upload your file

Click on the screen or drag and drop to add your CSV file.

6. Select "Contacts"

Select "Contacts" from the dropdown menu, and click "upload file."

7. Select "Match by Email"

In the "Contact Deduplication Rules" field, select "Match by Email." This will ensure that contacts already in your database will not be duplicated.

8. Ensure headers are mapped correctly and submit.

Make sure the headers from your CSV file (on the left) are mapped to the correct system fields (on the right). Then, click submit. Your new contacts have now been added to your system.

This guide covered the steps to import contacts from a CSV file into Digably, including downloading the example CSV file headers, selecting the matching criteria, and submitting the imported contacts.

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