ℹ️Understanding The Pages Of A Membership Site

This page will give a brief overview of the various pages included in a membership site within Digably.

Membership Sites can be used to...

  • sell courses

  • offer exclusive content to leads

  • provide training materials to students or team members

  • restrict access to your site

Index Page:

The index page is the page someone lands on when they type in your membership site domain. You can think of this as your "home" page or "landing" page. This is typically where you will promote the features and benefits of being a member of your site or purchasing your product/subscription.

This page is a good place to put your membership signup form or purchase form. It's also a good idea to place a login button somewhere near the top of this page that will direct users to the login page.

Login Page:

The login page is the page that includes the login form (where users log in to your membership site). Typically, the login page will be very minimalistic, only containing a logo and login form. However, Digably allows you to make this page as elaborate as you like.

Forgot Password Page:

The forgot password page will be set up very similar to the login page. This is a place for users to submit a password reset request should they forget their password. Again, this page will typically only have the forgot password form and a logo.

Welcome Page:

The welcome page is the first page a user will see after successfully logging in to your membership site. Many people choose to place exclusive membership content on this page. This could include course materials, videos, articles, eBooks, audio tracks, etc.

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