How To Add Dynamic Variables Into An Email

Digably • Jul 22, 2023 9 steps • 1 minute read

This guide will show you how to add dynamic variables into an email in Digably.

1. Click "Insert Merge Field"

From inside the email editor, click the "Insert Merge Field" button at the top of your screen. This will open a list of all the merge field options that you can use in your email.

2. Expand the dropdown lists to locate the merge field you wish to insert.

Use the dropdown arrows to expand the list of options according to their category. In this example, we'll be adding the customers first name into the email. So we will expand the "Contact" list.

3. Click the merge field you wish to insert into your email

Then, select the merge field you wish to add. Remember, we are using the "First Name" dynamic variable in this example, but you can choose to insert any of the available merge fields when writing your email. Clicking the chosen merge field here will automatically copy it to your clipboard.

4. Place your cursor in the desired location and paste

Now that you've chosen the merge field you wish to insert into your email, simply place your cursor where you wish to insert the merge field, and paste.

5. Confirm that your merge field has been inserted

Notice, this will add the merge field into your email. Don't worry that it looks strange with braces and dollar signs. This is just the code Digably uses to pull each individual contacts information into the email that sends to that particular contact. The email that sends in this example will simply read "Hey," followed by the first name of the contact (Such as "Hey John", or "Hey Marry").

6. Click "SAVE"

After you have finished writing your email, click the "SAVE" button in the top right to save your work.

7. Click "Save" to save your email settings.

Finally, click "Save" to save your email settings.

This guide covered the steps to add dynamic variables (also known as merge fields) into an email using Digably.

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