🔵How To Create A Membership Site

Digably • Jul 21, 2023 8 steps • 1 minute read

This guide will walk you through the steps to create a membership site using Digably. Membership sites are a fantastic solution for creating and sharing courses or other valuable content that is restricted to users who have either paid for access or signed up for a membership.

1. Click "Pages"

From your Digably dashboard, navigate to the "Pages" section in the left side menu.

2. Click "Create New Project"

Click on the "Create New Project" tab.

3. Click "Create" in the Membership Site tile

Now you will see a number of options. Look for the tile labeled "Membership Site", and click the "Create" Button.

4. Give your membership site a name

Enter a name for your membership site in the field labeled "Site Name" and click "Save"

5. View the pages of your membership site

After saving, your new membership site will open up in the page builder. By clicking the Show Pages icon in the top left, you will be able to see that you now have a membership site complete with an Index Page (aka home page), a Login Page, a Forgot Password Page, and a Membership Welcome Page.

6. Switch between pages

You can navigate to any of the pages to edit them by clicking the page on the left, or by using the dropdown menu at the top to select one of the pages.

This guide covered the process of creating a membership site using Digably.

To learn how to setup and customize your Index, Login, Forgot Password, and Membership Welcome Page, see the other articles in the Membership Site section of our help docs.

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